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Piano, So Fun! (“Piano Sanook Jung” in Thai) is a beginner piano method book suitable for children ages 4 to 10. It was written with Thai students in mind, although everyone is welcome to use it.


Since moving to Thailand in 2014, I've seen many piano students struggle with American and British method books, with their English instructions, lyrics, and popular songs. This is the reason I decided to write Piano, So Fun!

Inspired by the philosophy of the Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music where I currently teach, I have decided to make this book freely available online. It is my hope that Piano, So Fun! will be a useful resource for piano teachers and students throughout Thailand and beyond.

Piano, So Fun! fosters independent learning and creativity, as explained in the
teaching guide.

I welcome your feedback, so please write to me. Please also consider contributing a Youtube or Vimeo recording to the student showcase. Video links can be submitted using this form. I will happily post a fluent student performance of any piece in the book, or any original composition composed while working through it.

Happy music-making. Enjoy the adventure!

Ajarn Elissa

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